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Teams of volunteers

You can become a missionary in Sweden!

Right now we have four teams in different parts of Sweden. These teams consists of 2-5 people who are working through a local church to reach out to teens in the area. The ministry of the teams are a long stay commitment between Teen Challenge and the local church, but members of the teams shift every year. And that is why we want to tell you about this opportunity to become a missionary, in a Swedish town or village for one year!

Reach the youth of Sweden with the gospel

Our teams are working through local churches to reach children and youth with the gospel of Jesus. They are in places where there are great needs for role models and someone who cares; such as schools, youth centers, jail, and in the skatepark.

Used by God

In a team you get the opportunity to work together, explore your gifts, be challenged and grow. There are great needs for role models in youth culture today. We need youth who will dare to stand up for what is true, right and pure. We need young Christians who will live out the number one commandment – “to love God and your neighbor as yourself”. God doesn´t need superheroes but ordinary people who give themselves to Him.

Our teams work in many different environments but with the same goal: “through actions and words, love vulnerable people into heaven”. Maybe you have a longing to work fulltime in God’s work, then this is a possibility for you!


Sent out by Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge will send you out and will be responsible for you during the year of the team assignment. Every team has a coach that will make visits to the team and between the visits, will maintain contact through telephone and email.
The Autumn semester will start off with a kickoff time together with all the teams within the Teen Challenge organization. During this week at the Teen Challenge base at Götabro you will experience great teaching, teambuilding, worship and prayer.
Every semester we have a prayer week where we pray for each other and our prayer requests. We also take time for praise and worship during this week. This is also a week together with the other teams, but also with the Teen Challenge Bible school.
The teams are also present at our national conferences and at meetings at Götabro.

What is a Teen Challenge team?

A team consists of 2-5 persons, most often the team member are between 19 and 28 years. You sign up for one year at a time. Our experience tells us it takes time to build relationships and to help people to grow as disciples. We encourage to stay even longer than one year and the second year you usually see more results from the work.
Every team has a team leader. We provide teaching and training for the leader during the team year and the leader will grow through this leadership experience.

The year in the team

We begin in the middle of August with the kickoff and go on Christmas vacation one week before Christmas. The Spring term begins the second week in January and finishes in the middle of June.

The team location

Every team has a coach from the church. Together you plan and evaluate the work. That person is also available for personal talks and good advice!
Food and accommodation is arranged by the church.

Who can join?

We require that you have finished at least half a year in a Bible school and that you have a stable faith in Christ! You will represent Teen Challenge both while at the ministry center and on your team location.Most of the team members are fromSweden, but we are now giving an invitation to Christian people from all over the world to come and help us in this rescue mission that Jesus gave us.


The cost every month is 700 Swedish crowns for food and accommodation.
You need to get your own economical support so you also have pocket money. We recommend about 2000 Swedish crowns/month in support. With the help of God and your own initiatives, money usually comes through family, friends, your home church or maybe saved money.

If you are interrested in doing a year as a missionary in one of the teams of Teen Challenge, please contact us for more information.

Teen Challenge Bible school

We invite you to an adventure with Jesus. At the Bible school you will not only learn a lot about God, but we want you to be challenged to live a real Christian life!

The combination of Bible school and the opportunity to travel abroad for three months is really powerful! Since Teen Challenge is an international organization we have contacts in many different countries for the Spring practice. England, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Czech republic and the USA are some of the countries with TC centers where you can do your practice.

The purpose of the school is to equip people to work in socially-needy areas and meet peoples’ needs. It will also be a time to grow and develop in faith and in personal character. The Bible school will give you the opportunity to develop your life and will give you a good foundation for future ministry. We want you to be touched by God, so you can touch others.

The teaching at the Bible school is currently in Swedish.

If you want more information about the Bible school, please contact us.